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About Gumdrop Lane


 Originally launched as a lifestyle blog, Gumdrop Lane is now a brick and mortar store located in Armonk, NY. We specialize in customized party decor, monogrammed gifts and more. 

Mom, wife, attorney, artist- I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of some. Formerly a medical malpractice litigator, and currently on a quest to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I enjoy finding beauty in each day through my love of decor, gardening, cooking and glitter- lots and lots of glitter.

Our family is tri-cultural, as my husband is of Italian descent, and I of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, so pasta and plantains do occasionally appear on the same plate, and someone always sounds like they are yelling. I am passionate about creating beautiful environments- whether I'm styling a home, store window or a party, and I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality decor.

My late Grandmother taught me many things, one of which was to always bring sweetness into the lives of others.  She also taught me that everything is better with a little sazón, which literally means "seasoning" in Spanish. 

Gumdrop Lane is dedicated to bringing you bringing you a sweeter life with a little sazón through our vast array products and services. 

Check back often, you never know what fabulous finds await you!

Wishing you love, light and sparkles,

— Jenni

Each of designer Jenni Amucci's 5 Christmas trees have pride of place in her northern Westchester home