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DIY Blank Sugar Cookie Mix

$ 4.05


There's nothing like the scent of fresh cookies straight from the oven. With these DIY Blank Sugar Cookie Mixes, your wedding or party guests can enjoy that sweet smell while they reminisce about all the fun from your special day. Each cookie mix is a blank slate for you to customize and decorate however you please. Add a satin ribbon bow or some baker's twine to make your favors even more fashionable and memorable.

Create the perfect gift by pairing these sugar cookie mixes with our optional heart handle mini whisk. Optional whisks come with a white satin bow and a heart shaped handle that has a small opening so you can easily slip it through a hole. Some assembly required (punching a hole in the muffin mix package and slipping the heart handle of the whisk through it.)

Each white gloss pouch contains 6 oz. of Gourmet Sugar Cookie Mix (makes approx. 8 cookies). Directions are printed on the back.

Processed on equipment handling wheat, egg, dairy, and tree nut ingredients.

Size: 6.5" x 3.5"


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